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Everwinter Glacier Spy Reports (43-3)

Updated: 29 March 2014 

The following data is valid for commander without any equipment.
(Double checked and verified 100%)
According to your commander’s equipment, you may need less tools to attack.


Target’s Equipments Effects
Wall protection + 16 %
Gate protection + 15 %
Melee soldiers’ combat strength + 20 %
Ranged soldiers’ combat strength + 19 %


Left 126% 120% 144% Melee defense = 9 , Ranged defense = 942 Melee defense = 51 , Ranged defense = 12522
1 1        
Center 75% 76% 120% 119%    
Right 101% 120% 144% Melee defense = 9 , Ranged defense = 933 Melee defense = 51 , Ranged defense = 12534 1
Courtyard 120% 119%        

This is only a suggestion. There may be better attack formations, with fewer losses.

Recommended Attack Formation
  Left Center Right
1st wave  
  • 100% melee attackers
  • 100% melee attackers
  • 10 scaling_ladders or equivalent
  • 10 mantlets or better
2nd wave    
  • 100% melee attackers
3rd wave    
  • 100% melee attackers
4th wave      

4 comments to Everwinter Glacier Spy Reports (43-3)

  • sanjievy

    are there any shortcuts to get good equips?
    which kingdom does marauders suit the best?

  • JeSSe_ReD2278

    the equitment trader perhaps? that will cost you a good deal of rubies tho.
    other than that you will just have to attack towers, and hope you get good equiptment.
    as for marauders… i would say wherever you would be looting. which id say green is best for that!

  • justastud

    The equipment will go up in quality as you move through the kingdom.
    Your not going to find great equipment in green unless your just lucky, not to say its not out there just not normally.
    Ice is next then sand and fire. I only attack robbers in sand and fire unless im getting some knights in green or renegades in ice.
    Keep all the purple that have at least one combat bonus with wall or gate bonus or two combat bonuses, keep all legendary with one.
    I only keep them with more than 10 percent or greater increase or decrease.
    Now when your working the technicus you want to make sure you have a couple of million to start with in coins. Then take each piece in order and upgrade. When you get to about a 39 percent chance of upgrading move on to the next piece, each piece can be upgraded only so many times and it will tell you how many in the interface.
    Many people want you to hang on to anything that has a combat bonus, do not do that, be choosy. If you attack towers as much as I do you will fill up in two days and won’t be able to accept any more equipment. 
    Remember its a great source of coins if you have it built up well.
    To match your equipment to your commander is another story, you will just have to play around with it and keep changing pieces out. At first try for one 90 percent ranged commander and one 90 percent malee commander, I try for all ranged at first and now working on integrating the malee.
    If you want to spend rubys, spend the coins first then finish them with rubys.

  • Pako80

    Back to this tower specifically, its better to attack through the left wing as it has less defenders.

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