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Everwinter Glacier Spy Reports (snow map)

Spy reports for Barbarian Towers, in Everwinter_Glacier (snow map)

Use the scroll-bar to view all reports down_arrow


20 comments to Everwinter Glacier Spy Reports (snow map)

  • ioudas

    Please don’t fix what is not broken. Why click twice instead of once to reach report?

    • begar

      Why? Are you afraid that you are coing to break any fingers?
      Come on lazy people. I am working all day on that site and you are complaining for ONE extra click?

      • ioudas

        I’m going to be blunt here, no offense meant…
        The fact that you’re working all day on this site may be exactly the point. Why do you think google triumphed so quickly, or IE fell to 3rd place despite being installed by default.
        Because people want products which are simple and just work.
        Your site is that for now…
        Again, don’t fix what ain’t broken, don’t add unnecessary stuff and change that…

  • Blademan

    Begar- don’t listen to that lazy a**hole!!! I think you’ve done a great job with the change. It looks cleaner and more professional.

    Keep up the outstanding work!

    • begar

      Thanks Blademan, but i think everybody is entitled to express an opinion.

      ioudas has right about simple things that just work.

      I did not do it for the look, but because the pages were getting tooooooo long.

  • coolboy

    hey begar i wanna taLK WITH YU

  • coolboy


  • garrobal

    what the hell is going on..why cant i get full esp reports?

  • garrobal

    ok im sorry never mind

  • king kn

    Why can’t I view the full espionages?

  • riteshunoplayer

    i have a more good suggestion for attacking 50-8 level barbarian tower
    first wave- 1-1-1
    second wave-full attackers with no tools-full ranged attackers with 20 mantlets and 6 iron rams and 6 scaling ladders-full ranged attackers with 20 simple mantlets and 6 scaling ladders

    my loss with this formation is about only 10

  • riteshunoplayer

    ur welcome @begar

  • SirEthaniel

    Hi Begar i have one question. When you do the suggested attack set ups what type of commander do you base them off of. an empty commander I assume? I know that for all of the reports this may be difficult but would it be possible for you to post the losses of the suggested setup with an empty commander and the standard troop of veteran crossbowman and veteran maceman. feel free to change the standard troop to either Kingsguardsmen, Elites, but it might be more desireable for lower levels if you used two-handed swordsmen and Heavy Crossbowmen or veteran two-handed swordsmen and veteran heavy crossbowmen. I just used the mid-level veterans because those seem to be the most common.

    • begar

      Every report starts with rhe notice:
      “The following data is valid for commander without any equipment.”

      Its more easy for everyone to make his calculations, when no standart type of soldiers is used. Normally, the level of robber towers has an anlogy with the player level.

      And its impossible to change all reports and put losses. It would demand a years work, the creation of a new player account and to replay all attacks from the lowest level to the highest.

    • HimInder

      It is based on empty commander. it is very difficult to have all the permutations and combinations of troops here. Soon i will be completing the Attacks Tips page which will give a good idea on planning the attacks. do see tips and tricks link

  • Wisey Abdullah

    You are the best.U made GGe easy for us we all love u and ignore these guys a s 90% of GGE believe in you.

  • Michello


    Update attack off Barbarian Fortress you take first round 1 solder at de left en middle, second en third round as show in theb report there is 50% less kill

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