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Burning Sands Spy Reports (49-3)

Updated: 07 April 2014 

The following data is valid for commander without any equipment.
(Double checked and verified 100%)
According to your commander’s equipment, you may need less tools to attack.


Target’s Equipments Effects
Wall protection + 20 %
Gate protection + 19 %
Melee soldiers’ combat strength + 26 %
Ranged soldiers’ combat strength + 25 %


Left 120% 126% 200% desert-bowman-gen39% 1
Center 174% 145% 126% 150% desert-bowman-gen27 1
1 1 1 2    
Right 120% 126% 200% desert-bowman-gen31 2 1
Courtyard 126% 125%        

This is only a suggestion. There may be better attack formations, with fewer losses.

Recommended Attack Formation
  Left Center Right
1st wave
  • 1 melee attacker
  • 1 melee attacker
2nd wave
  • 1 melee attacker
  • 1 melee attacker
3rd wave
  • 100% melee attackers
  • 20 mantlets or better
  • 100% melee attackers
  • 20 mantlets or better
4th wave
  • 100% melee attackers
  • 100% melee attackers

9 comments to Burning Sands Spy Reports (49-3)

  • Chunker

    This isn’t a good set up – heavy losses if you pit ranged against ranged on two flanks. Won’t know an alternative until this level comes up again on one of my other towers, but would probably go melee on two flanks or centre and right with full mantlets. Otherwise, great site and good advice!

    • justastud

      I don’t even make malee attackers. So Ranged against ranged is not true if you use
      the proper setup and the tools. I never lose more than 20 an attack on any level of or world
      of tower except fire.
      I usually lose 10 to 15

      I would though use martyr’s though on the first three waves of each flank then I would use
      5 ladders and 15 wooden shields on both outer flanks and add 5 rams to middle while increasing the shields on the middle.

  • sarah1

    2 fake waves everywere and then use the 20 mantlets and melee attackers.

  • memnon

    The suggestion is terribly wrong. The correct one would be to attack on the center and right. First two waves with only one unit and third and forth wave with only melee soldiers. You only need to use ladders and battering rams. Mantlets are not cost effective in this scenario.
    Romanian version. Aceasta sugestie  este gresita . Corect ar fi sa se atace pe centru si pe dreapta. Primele doua valuri cu un singur soldat iar valurile 3 si 4 doar cu soldati de aproape.Ai nevoie doar de scari si berbeci, scuturile nu sunt eficiente din punct de vedere al pretului.

  • IIA80

    Attack done as stated above, resulted in only 8 lost soldiers (incl the 4 martyrs). Commander had +82% melee.

  • justastud

    I love the way everyone says this or that is not right. What is right is get your commanders up to par. You can’t do anything without a bad commader, I would even attack towers in sand or fire without 90 percent commanders.

    Then make sure you use martyr”s where you need them.

    If you want it easy, do like I do. I have 12 towers in ice at level 51, I go through the center with three waves of 156 ranged, no tools. I lose 12 to 14 attackers and and I get 16k of coins.

    You need sand and fire though for equipment. Also remember if you have enough towers up to full level you don’t need spy reports or anything, I have six in sand and six in fire up to max level. This also helps you to keep your soldiers at 200 percent capcity if you attack those towers a few times a day.

  • justastud

    Meant to say with a good commander not bad commanders.

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