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Burning Sands Spy Reports (39-2)

Updated: 15 October 2014 

The following data is valid for commander without any equipment.
(Double checked and verified 100%)
According to your commander’s equipment, you may need less tools to attack.


Target’s Equipments Effects
Wall protection + 16 %
Gate protection + 15 %
Melee soldiers’ combat strength + 20 %
Ranged soldiers’ combat strength + 19 %


Left 141% 120% 119% Melee defense = 9 , Ranged defense = 975 1
Center 110% 101% 120% 119% Melee defense = 9 , Ranged defense = 968
Right 101% 120% 119% Melee defense = 9 , Ranged defense = 957  
Courtyard 120% 119% Melee defense = 9 , Ranged defense = 9259      

This is only a suggestion. There may be better attack formations, with fewer losses.

Recommended Attack Formation
  Left Center Right
1st wave
  • 100% melee attackers
  • 14 scaling_ladders
  • 100% melee attackers
  • 10 scaling_ladders
2nd wave
  • 100% melee attackers
  • 100% melee attackers
3rd wave
  • 100% melee attackers
  • 100% melee attackers


4th wave      

4 comments to Burning Sands Spy Reports (39-2)

  • stargate67steve

    I won this level with only 1 wave, 40 melee (veterans) each flank with the same tools 14 ladders left, 10 ladders right.
    Commander with 43% melee.
    It’s just farmers no need 3 waves and so many tools.

    14 losses.

    • begar


      I agree with you about the tools.

      But we need to send many soldiers, because someone has to bring back loot.

      • stargate67steve

        Usually  the loot comes from players, not Barons.
        The Barons is for coins, uniforms, and if the system allows rubins.
        And something else, for many players is very difficult to take recource villages espesially in Sand, or Peaks
        So they don’t have the oportunity for large army.

  • Pieter Cornelis

    @stargate67steve: :”-) Ususally the loot coms from players… Okay and then they come back and rob you?! I’m sorry to say but i can’t take your anwser serious because the most loot for me comes from the towers. I have never haved robbed one other player on the continents. Only wheni started to play i robbed other low levels in the Great Kingdom, robbing other players is for newbies in the game.

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