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Burning Sands Spy Reports (sand map)

Spy reports for Desert_Tower, in the Burning_Sands (sand map)

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8 comments to Burning Sands Spy Reports (sand map)

  • Bob Marley

    Your website is nice for spy reports, but please delete the help for attack towers. I have followed exactly as it’s said and for one little tower in sand (Level 57-2) I have loss 60 soldiers.
    I’ve did exactly like it’s said. 

    • begar

      I dont think so.  Then why for me is only 18 loss soldiers?

      And , of course, the results depend on what type of soldier you use. Results are different when you use e.g.   macemen or veteran macemen. 

  • Bob Marley

    I’m using Kingdom guards.
    It’s not your fault in fact, sorry for my comment. It was the wrong tower.
    I’ve choose 57-2 instead of 57-3

  • n1kolaola

    i canot tank you enought, you did a really good work, and help really really much  to all of us….
    this is rally big job for one man to update all in time and to be alvays here to respond to question…
    once again, TNX Begar, you did really good job!

  • Haupmenvoss

    I lose 51 men. I need another way. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!

  • AceofWizards

    Thanks for all the work put into making this.


    As far as attack set ups, anything post level 37 in any kingdom you send an all ranged attack.  Make a 90 ranged attacker with as much wall reduction as you can.  If you face ranged defenders put in wooden mantlets with ladders and rams.  Base wall and gate protection from level 30-60 is 80%.  That means, if you have no wall reduction on your ranged commander put in 8 ladders and fill in the rest with wooden mantlets.  If your ranged commander has 20% wall reduction you only need 6 ladders and can get lower losses vs ranged defenders since you can put in more wooden mantlets. There are always exceptions and times you can skimp on ladders to get more wooden mantlets but you’ll figure it out as you go along.

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