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Resource villages


The resource villages are distributed all over the worldmap (Everwinter_Glacier, Burning Sands, Fire Peaks). Every village stands for one kind of resource, such as wood, stone or food.
You can occupy those with your troops.

The natural conditions in the 3 kingdoms are very rough.Icy Ground and hot desert sand only offer limited possibilities to gain resources.
The option to send resources from the Great Kingdome to the other three kingdoms is  expensive.
Therefore you are well advised to increase your production with the villages.

Other than ouposts, resource villages are only “markers” on the map. You are unable to build there!
As a compensatory you are able to have a lot more of them and it is not as bad as before, if you lose one to another player.

You need a Loot_Warehouse to be able to capture resource villages, but theoretically you are able to capture many of them.

But beware!

You should be able to defend them.

There is no honor involved at the capturing of outposts and resource villages. You are only able to gain honor with the attack from other players.


Recouce villages in Everwinter Glacier

The resource villages in Everwinter Glacier give production bonuses as it says:

Food: +50%

Wood: +35%

Stone: +35%


Recource villages in Burning Sands

The recouce villages in Burning Sands give bonuses as it says:

Food: +35%

Wood: +25%

Stone: +25%


Recource villages in Fire Peaks

The recource villages in Fire Peaks give bonuses as it says:

Food: +35%

Wood: +25%

Stone: +25%


RV spy report


8 comments to Resource villages

  • bystander

    Losing food villages when you are low on food leads easily to desertions. Some pre-ban castles can still have more than 5 villages of each type. In that case losing it is really bad.

  • Rellin

    Can someone post a spy report from a sand and fire RV? I would like to see what we are up against when trying to capture a Sand or Fire RV. I already have my ice RV, but I am sure that would help someone else out if you can post it.

    • begar

      A spy report for a resource village is similar like a robber baron spy report,

      • Rellin

        Yes, of course it is. I want to know what the report entails. How many defenders, where located, any tools, etc. Can you post screenshots of RV spy reports?

        • begar

          ok i did in the end of post

          • Rellin

            There are only 3 defenders in any given RV? I don’t think so. I know in sands there are 200 defenders. I just don’t know if they are in the front or the flanks or courtyard, etc.

            To be clear, I am asking for NPC owned (not captured by a player). I want to know the setup and count of unclaimed RVs so I know how many crossbows or renegades to send to capture one when I see them spawn.

          • begar

            Yes there are 200 villagersin a free RV. But there are not any free RVs to spy on.

            Everytime some free RVs pop out, they get rapidly occupied.

            Just send 1 wave with full flanks and you can eaily capture it. Use Wolfhounds because they are faster than other units.

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