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King’s Towers

Kings towers are added in the Great Empire. In contrast to the main towns and trading metropolises, there are very many of them!

King’s towers can be occupied in a similar way to resource villages. So one does not need a castellan and have no occupation time. Also, no buildings can be built there.

If a player takes a King’s Tower, then the entire alliance receives an attack bonus against the capitals and trading metropolises. If a player has several King’s Towers or more players hold King’s Towers within an alliance, then the effect of all towers is added together. A player can hold as many King’s Towers as they can successfully defend!

The purpose of the King’s Towers is that owners of commercial cities and capitals now cannot solely concentrate on the defence of their capital or trade metropolis, but also must continue the offensive on the world map so that they can keep their achievement even longer. Capital owners who do not sufficiently take care of King’s Towers will find it difficult to be able to permanently defend their capital.

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