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Research Interface

Here you can do research, to improve things like the strength of your soldiers, movement speed, production of resources etc.


1. Military

  • Maneuver (increases the speed of recruitment, alowing soldiers to be recruited faster).
  • Workbench (increases the speed of tools production, allowing tools to be produced faster).
  • Chivalry (increases the experience_points received in battles).
  • Plundering log (increases the resources received from plundering).
  • Improvement of basic soldiers (replaces spearman, maceman, bowman, crossbowman and swordsman with veteran versions).
  • Elite training (increases the travel speed of all veteran soldiers).
  • Forced march (increases the travel speed of soldiers that you redeploy).
  • Marching formation (reduces the time  it takes your soldiers to travel to other kingdoms).
  • Shady business (increases the travel speed of your agents).
  • Working shifts (increases the number of your city guards).
  • Gutter runners (increases the number of your agents).
  • Minstrel (increases the glory points received).
  • Biographer (increases the honor gained).
  • Scout (attacking armies are detected sooner and more accurately).
  • Ranger (the enemy will discover your attacking armies later and less accurately).
  • Treasure seeker (increases the chance of finding better equipment).
  • Militia (replaces the armed citizen with a much stronger version).
  • Ambulance coach (increases the number of surviving castle defenders).
  • Conscription (increases the number of militia in the castle).

2. Economy

  • Wheel tire (increases the travel speed of your market barrows on their way to your castle).
  • Pitsaw (increases the productivity of your woodcutters at all castles).
  • Wedging (increases the productivity of your stone quarries at all castles).
  • Three field crop rotation (increases the productivity of your farmhouses at all castles).
  • Reinforced axle (increases the transport capacity of your market barrows).
  • Caravan (reduces the time  it takes your resources transports to other kingdoms).
  • Levies (increases your tax revenue).
  • Barrow (increases the experience_points received when constructing and upgrading buildings).
  • Cash transport (12 hours of tax collecting only costs coins).
  • Genius (increases the speed of research).
  • Artist blacksmith (reduces the costs when smithing equipment).
  • Medicine (increases the population in the main castle).
  • Fire pump (reduces fire damage in the main castle).

1 comment to Research Interface

  • Dharock

    New research as of 28/07:
    Veterans halberdier, longbowman, two-handed swordman, heavy crossbowman.
    Replace the normal version of them. Research require level 3 tower.

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