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Equipment / Smithy

Updated: 26 September 2015 

Here you can equip your commanders and castellans with items that you win by defeating Robber_Barrons_Castles, Barbarian_Towers, Desert_Towers and Cultists_Towers.

With these items, your commanders and castellans obtain advantages, like increased fight power, speed etc

You should equip them with the best combination of items, to increase the chance to win battles.  

1. Select Commander or Castellan category.
2. Select equipment category.
3. Put items in slots,
4. Put items to sell them for coins.
5. Press to go to smithy.   In your Smithy, you can forge new items, using coins.

There are five Equipment item qualities, in order of importance:

1. Ordinary
2. Rare
3. Epic
4. Legendary
5. Unique  

1. Select Commander or Castellan or both.

2. Put 3 or 6 items of same quality in the slots or

3. Use the autofill button

4. Press to forge new item.

5. Return to equipment interface.


Equipment attributes

Every item gives some extra abilities to a commander or castellan.

1. You can see the attributes of an item by hovering the mouse over its image.

2. You can see the total of extra abilities of a commander or castellan at the table, on the left of his equipment.

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