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Attack Interface

Updated: 05 February 2015 


This is the interface for planning an attack.

You can fill the upper slots with offensive tools and the lower slots with soldiers.

On lower left, you can choose the commander, who will be leading the attack.

You have 3 or 4 waves of attack available, according to your level.

Never use defensive soldiers to attack.

Always carry out military espionage, before attacking another player.

If the target is a robber_baron_castle, Barbarian_Tower, Desert_Tower or Cutists_Tower, then you don’t need to send spies. You can view the ready Spy_reports.



1. Choose commander.

2. Choose wave of attackers.

3. Choose soldiers or tools.

4. Choose kind of soldier or tool.

5. Put soldiers into slots.

6. Put tools into slots.

7. Option for autofill all waves of attack with soldiers and tools.

8. Autofill

9. Attack button. Press to launch attack, when ready.

10. Amount of loot , your army can carry.

11. Time to reach target.

12. Cost in coins.


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