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Understanding Defense


It is very important to understand how the defense system works.

Your troops in your castle, are split to 4 places: 3 wall flanks and the keep.

Your wall can hold a specific number of soldiers and the rest of them are stationed in the keep.

A fully expanded castle, with towers level 5,  fits a total of 320 soldiers. You can set the percentage of soldiers on each flank, but the sum will always be 320.

On the other hand, the attacker has the ability to use a total of 1,280 soldiers, divided into 3 flanks.

Put this in your mind.


The yard bonus

After an attack, the surviving soldiers of both sides, if any,  fall into the yard of the castle. There are four possibilities:

  1. The defender manages to hold all three flanks, then he wins.
  2. The defender manages to hold two flanks, then he gets a +30% bonus for the yard fight, meaning 71 defending soldiers can win 100 offending, of the same fight power.
  3. The defender manages to hold one flank, then he gets a 0% bonus for the yard fight, meaning his defending soldiers fight equally against offending.
  4. The defender looses all three flanks, then he gets a -30% bonus, meaning 71 offending soldiers can win 100 defending, of the same fight power.

So, how should we adjust the percentage sliders, to get the best defense setup? Remember, the total capacity of your wall is 320 soldiers.



If you set the defense at 100-0-0, that means your left flank is protected by 320 solders (100%), while the other two are unprotected (0%).  The attacker can send against you flank a maximum of 256 soldiers. Which means, with the right defensive tools and Castellan equipment, you ensure that you will hold at least the one flank, and the yard bonus is zero. This means that if you are supported by your allies, their soldiers will not be slaughtered in the yard.

This is a nice defense setup, especially when you are offline.


0-X-X or X-0-X or X-X-0

If you are online, while someone is attacking you, and he is aiming at two flanks, leaving the third empty, then you can set defense at 0-X-X or X-0-X or X-X-0 (where 0% goes to the empty flank). The other two flanks should be adjusted in a way to face efficiently the attacking forces. If the attacking forces are very strong, switch to 100-0-0, where the one zero goes to an empty flank (not aimed).


0-50-50 or 50-0-50 or 50-50-0

If the attacker is aiming only to one of your flanks, it is needless to say, that you should adjust you defence sliders to 50% for each empty flank and 0% for the aimed one, to get the +30 yard bonus.


Melee / Ranged soldier percentage

Apart from the arrangement of the above percentages, you should adjust, for each flank, the percentage of melee/ranged defenders.

There is no specific setting for this. It depends on the composition of the attacking army, the equipment of your castellan and the type of your troops, e.g. if the attacker comes only with crossbowmen or equivalent, you should use 100% ranged. If he comes with 50% melee and 50% ranged attackers, you should use 50% melee.


5 comments to Understanding Defense

  • garrobal

    i understand getting the 30% bonus when the attacker is coming at you in only one area…..but wouldn’t be better to hit them head on so they have to endure your wall and tools?  i see some people using a 49-1-50 defense…what i do not understand about this is, even though you activate your tools with the 1% there are no troops there that the attackers have to face so what is the point of the tools being activated?  I am still a medium rare nube…but am getting there…….this site is really awesome…ty   {G}

  • salmanassar

    Quite right the 1 defender activates the tools and you just lose the tools there without killing anyone. Bad setup!

    In general I always meet them head-on where they are strongest like you say but if the attacker is too strong (for instance: all demons or one of those semi-unbeatable coms) I like to take him on on the courtyard and let my numbers do the deciding. But never use 1 defender

  • alphamale1

    Unsure how your estate can help your defense please explain.

  • fangplayer

    but is 0-100-0 good? because then you get defense bonus from the gate…

  • mptlr87

    Is 30% melee 70% ranged the preferred defense set-up?

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