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Understanding Attack


It is very important to understand how to organize an attack.

The enemy’s troops in his castle, are split to 4 places: 3 wall flanks and the keep.


The yard bonus

After an attack, the surviving soldiers of both sides, if any,  fall into the yard of the castle. There are four possibilities:

  1. The defender manages to hold all three flanks, then he wins.
  2. The defender manages to hold two flanks, then he gets a +30% bonus for the yard fight, meaning 71 defending soldiers can win 100 offending, of the same fight power.
  3. The defender manages to hold one flank, then he gets a 0% bonus for the yard fight, meaning his defending soldiers fight equally against offending.
  4. The defender looses all three flanks, then he gets a -30% bonus, meaning 71 offending soldiers can win 100 defending, of the same fight power.



Most players set their defense at 100-0-0, to ensure that they will hold at least one flank, and the attacker will not get the +30 yard bonus. This is the best defense setup, especially when they are offline.



It is very important to have your attacking Commander well equipped. A weak Commander can lead your army to disaster, especially if the enemy’s Castellan is well equipped.


Melee or ranged

It is needless to say that before an attack, you have to perform military espionage. Of course, if the enemy is online, he can always change his defense setup. This is an advantage of the defending side.

In general, use melee attackers against ranged defenders and ranged attackers against melee defenders.



If the enemy is online, he will change his setup, and he will use the proper soldiers, according to your attack formation. E.g. if you use ranged attackers on left flank, he will put ranged defenders on the left. To overcome this, you have to use the proper tools.

A simple rule is to use Mantlets (or better tools of the same type) with ranged attackers and scaling_ladders (or better tools of the same type) with melee attackers.


The tool removing Squad

Some players use this trick to remove enemy’s tools, before they attack him.

They send two attacks:

The first, with 15-20 soldiers without offensive tools, in 4 waves, who will die, removing the defensive tools.

And the second (the main attack) with full soldiers and tools.

The two attacks must reach the target with a small time gap , about 1-2 minutes.


Fake waves  (Comment by Sarah1, International 2)

For attacking a Robber Baron Castle (RBC) you can use fake waves. These  are waves with only 1 soldier at the side you want to clear from tools. Every soldier can do this. It doesn’t matter what kind it is.

If you have a RBC with on the left flank 2 flaming arrows you can use two fake waves to get that flaming arrows away. This makes attacking them much easier because you need lesser mantlets. This works for all tools the defender has. Each fake wave kills from every tools 1.

So,  if the RBC has 1 flaming arrow and 1 rock in the center you use the first wave 1 soldier. In the second wave the defender doesn’t have that bonus of the flaming arrow and the rock anymore.

5 comments to Understanding Attack

  • Blademan

    Can someone explain waves i.e. when to use them, do you have to use tools on each wave etc.
    How do you execute the tool removing squad trick? How do you send two attacks within 1-2 mins. of each other?

  • Blademan

    Is anyone going to help?

    • bigbruce en1

      Waves are simple if its a rober baron you hit as per usual if its a player you make sure you send the best posible attack so you can get more glory

      therfore you fill all your waves and flanks with the best men you have posible you use the best com so if you have an all melle hit an all melle come with wall,moat and gate is best and same with range or if you use mixed then a mixed com does that help?

  • sarah1

    I can do if you want.

  • justastud

    First let me Tool removing squad is not allowed in international two.
    You could face harsh punishments by the server for this.

    On a different note let me tell you how I do it which works very well.
    I only use maless for attacks on other players not towers. I only use ranged on towers.

    I will set a timer and send out two attacks one with a 90 percent malee comander and one with a 90 percent ranged, I will thow in a lesser tool in one flank to get both attacks to hit within five seconds of thereselves.

    I have had some say why not use a 90/90 commander and do it that way.

    The reason is 1200 malee with a 90 percent commander and 1200 ranged with a 90 percent commader is much more dangerous than a attack with 600 malee and 600 ranged with a 90/90 commander.

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