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At  the Great Empire (grass map), you can capture up to 3 outposts.

An outpost is like your main castle. You can build almost everything there. But every outpost has the ability to produce great amounts of wood or stone or food, if you build the proper buildings there.

Every outpost has a different production rate of resources. You can find the following combinations:

  • food  8  stone 2
  • food 8 wood 2
  • stone 8 food 2
  • wood 8 food 2
  • food 6 stone 2
  • food 6 wood 2
  • stone 6 food 2
  • wood 6 food 2

Each number indicates how many production buildings you can build, having a 100% production rate for the specific resource. E.g. A food 8 stone 2 means, that you can build up to 8 farms and 2 Stone quarries, with 100% production rate. After that number, each new farm or stone quarry will have a lower production rate.

Usually, new players don’t know what type of outpost  to choose. But any experienced player agrees that “after all, only food matters“.

At higher levels, resources are not important, because you have finished building. Food is important, because  it allows you to maintain big armies in your castles.

Also, at higher levels, wood is more important than stone, because the construction of tools requires more wood than stone.

In conclusion. the best option is to find and capture the following outposts:

  • food 8 stone 2
  • food 8 wood 2
  • food 8 wood 2


How to capture an outpost

To capture an outpost, you need to have a free castellan. To have castellans, you have to build an Estate.

As soon as you have a free castellan, you can go and capture an outpost.

It is better to capture outposts, which are near your main castles, for a number of reasons:

  • You can transfer resources faster from and to outpost.
  • You can transfer soldiers faster from and to outpost. This is important, when someone attacks your main castle, because you can transfer reinforcements very fast.
  • Above actions cost less coins


1. Before capturing the outpost, you may want to send spies, to check what kind of soldiers are already there.

2. Choose the outpost you like to capture and select the “capture” option.




3. Place the soldiers you want in the proper slots. You also may need tools, if the outpost is well defended.


When all is set, GO!!!


4. The capture  is completed in two phases:

a. Your troops move and attack the outpost, which takes some time.

b. Your castellan moves to the conquered outpost. During this phase, some other player can attack this outpost and cancel your whole operation. To avoid this, you can send and station additional troops to the conquered outpost, to wait for your castellan’s arrival.

5. After your castellans arrival, the outpost is yours and you can start building.


Abandoning an outpost

In some cases you may want to abandon an outpost, perhaps to capture another, for some reasons. The procedure is this:

1. Go to the outpost you want to abandon.

2. At the lower left of your screen choose Economy and then Management.

3. Choose surrender outpost.

4. A warning window will appear:

5. Click the proper button to start the procedure.

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