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How to use tools


You should always use the proper tools when you setup defense or attack.  There are three value categories of tools:

1. Wooden tools, which can be produced consuming wood and stone. These are used by non ruby players.

2. Cheap ruby tools, which can be obtained from your workshops, but require a small amount of rubies.

3. Expensive ruby tools, which can be purchased from armorer,

The most expensive tool are the better, of course.


Defensive tools usage

The ideal is to have in every flank’s slots a 50% of each kind (ranged – melee tools). You should put tools for the gate and for the moat. This is a general setup, which will cover you at the most cases, when you are offline.

When you are on line, you should choose your tools according to what kind of defenders you will put on flanks. E.g. if you use ranged defenders, you should use Arrow_slit or Bulwark or Flaming_arrows

Keep in mind that in every wave of attack, only one defensive tool of yours is used. Also, if you have put tools on a flank, without defenders, these tools will not be used.


Offensive tools usage

Before attacking, you should spy your target, to get a report.

You can use tools on the three flanks. Each flank has a limit for allowed tools. This means that  using expensive ruby tools, raises the total effectiveness of them.

You should choose tools according to what kind of defenders you will face. E.g. if the defender has bowmen, you should choose mantlets or equivalent.

On flanks with only ranged defenders, you don’t have to use scaling_ladders or equivalent.

On flanks with no defenders, you dont have to use tools.


Calculation of offensive tools

Let’s say we want to attack to a flank, which has the above data (90% wall, 138% melee protection, 136% ranged protection).

As we can see, it has 90% wall protection and a 136% defense of ranged soldiers.

We should use 9 scalling_ladders, because each one has a 10% deduction on wall protection (9 X 10% = 90%).

If we use Belfries, then we need 5 of them, because each of them has a 20% deduction on wall protection (5 X 20% = 100% > 90%).

Also, we have to use 28 mantlets (28 X 5% =140% > 136%), or  14 cast_iron_mantlets (14 X 10% = 140% > 136%), or 10 shield_walls (10 X 15% = 150% > 136%).

5 comments to How to use tools

  • queball007

    Is there another link to this picture? I cant get it to show.

  • queball007

    Ok, had to get on another computer, see it now. I understand your use of tools here (ladders Bels Mants Sheilds). What I am trying to understand is where 90% comes from, where 138% comes from, where 136% comes from. Also, in this example 138% melee is not countered. Would I counter in second wave of tools? Thanks for the great site, I use it extensively and refer anyone who ask here. My/our problem is, in Empire 4 Kingdoms the attack page lacks a lot of the “numbers” information, which is what I am trying to understand.Again, thanks.Q

    • begar

      1. After spying, when you plan an attack, according your comanders equipment, you will see theese numbers for every flank.

      2. Melee is a useless number. You dont need to deal with it. 
  • akki10

    How to use heavy ballast stones .. are they offensive or defensive tools

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