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How to Spend Your Rubies

If you are not a ruby player

1. Just because you get 300 rubies as a gift does not mean that you should use them to complete buildings. Let them finish on their own.

2. While town_houses may look and sound good don’t spend rubies on them.

3. Don’t use rubies to repair damage made to your castle, while it will take longer, resources do the job fine.

4. When first introduced watchtowers were great, however with the recent addition of commander and castellan items they are now obsolete as some items can greatly increase the time it takes to detect incoming attacks.

5. With the exception of shadow mercenaries, all events should be possible to accomplish without rubies. If you are active enough it is indeed possible to collect all the necessary items for each particular event be it the traveling_knights or the alchemist. Remember these things will come around again so don’t panic if you don’t get them the first time.

6. Firehouses are pointless fires have long been out just fine with resources before they came along and resources still do the job just fine.

7. For the new resources in ice, sands and fire there is a new building similar to the stonemason, woodcutter and flour mill. It has the same effect but after the first level it costs rubies to upgrade. I advise against this as if you are patient enough you will have enough charcoal, olive oil and glass to purchase what you need from the villages.

You SHOULD save your rubies for:

Bakeries, they reduce the amount of food your soldiers eat and therefore mean you can make more.

Stables, they considerably speed up the speed of your soldiers when attacking. Unlocking kingdoms, while the stone, wood and food should be easy to unlock if you want to save a lot of time and gold use them for unlocking gold instead of actual gold.

Drill_grounds speed up the recruitment time of your soldiers making for bigger armies in shorter amount of time. Feasts, research and good public_order also contribute to the recruitment speed if soldiers, so DGs aren’t that important.

Lastly Open_gates, while they do save you from losing battles that you have no hope of winning and no damage is done to your troops or buildings.With the latest update try not to use them more then once or twice a week. Otherwise the price will keep getting higher and higher.

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