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How to sabotage targets

You can sabotage enemy’s castles. This means, that you do not need troops, only agents.

You can not sabotage Robber_Barons_Castles, Barbarian_Fortresses, Desert_Towers and Dragons.

If you perform a successful sabotage, a number of enemy buildings will be set on fire. If you fail, the enemy will be notified, that you tried to sabotage him.

1. Choose your target.
2. Click on ESPIONAGE button.
3. Click on SABOTAGE button.
4. Set the number of spy agents, you want to use.
5. Set the desired DAMAGE percentage.
6. Check the cost in coins, the percentage of damage, the number of buildings which will be damaged, the risk of being caught and the travel duration.
7. Click on OK button.
8. (Optional) Choose the desired horse type. According to the horse type you choose, you have to pay an additional cost (coins or rubies). You must have stables, to use this option.
9. Click on OK button, to start the sabotage.

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