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How to relocate your castle

Updated: 17 May 2014 

You can move your main castle to a new place. You can not relocate your outposts or your castles at Everwinter_Glacier, Burning_Sands or Fire_Peaks.

Relocating costs an amount of rubies. If you want to move your castle again, then the cost increases. Every time you want to move your castle, the required amount of rubies increases.


How to do it

1. Go to the lower right of your screen and click on Economy button.

2. Choose “Management“.

3. Choose  “Relocate main castle” .


4. Choose the new location of your castle or cancel the rocedure.

5. A dialogue windows will ask you if you want to pay rubies to move your castle to the chosen position. If you agree, you will be charged with rubies and the process will start, which takes 24 hours.


2 comments to How to relocate your castle

  • bystander

    This is very useful feature even when you don’t want to move your castle. I don’t know about other way how to tell if the ruin will still be there when your attack or capture hits the outpost.

  • bystander

    Please add required amounts of rubies for the first three moves:0, 5000, 20000

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