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How to defeat a Barbarian Fortress

Barbarian_fortresses are large castles that can be found throughout Everwinter_Glacier (snow map) kingdom. They are universal, so if someone defeats it, the other players have to wait a certain time before they can attack it again.

Barbarian fortresses require a lot of effort, a lot of troops, and a lot of tools. But with some strategic military planning, a barbarian fortress can become less of a challenge to take down. And after all the hard work, there is a big reward in the end, 50 rubies.

First you must scout the castle. This can be done by performing a military espionage. Because all fortresses are universal they have the same number of troops at each one. You can view the spy report here.  The total troop count is 96 troops.

Now that you have a spy report you need to make preparations. The minimum recommended number of recotroops would be 200-250 if you have heavy troops. But if you have the basic troops (ie maceman, crossbowman) you will have to double the number to 400-450. The more troops you can send the better. Any less and the chances of you succeeding drop significantly.

Once you have the men you need to have tools. Personally A minimum of 40 tools is recommended. They can be anything from scaling ladders to castle iron mantlets.

Now that you have everything, you need to plan the attack. This isn’t too much of a challenge. There are two options you can use. You can send the melee attackers in the first wave followed by the ranged soldiers, or you can mix them up. Either way works good.

But where should you attack? Very simple, The front and the left flank. The front and the left flank are not very well defended so it will be a breeze to take them out. AVOID HITTING THE RIGHT FLANK AS IT IS WELL DEFENDED AND YOU WILL LOSE TROOPS.

After attacking a barbarian fortress, if you did everything right you should have a limited loss of troops. Good Luck!!

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