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Daily Tasks

Every day, you can win some prizes, by acomplishing  some tasks.   1. Go to the lower right of the screen and hit the Quests button. 2.  Choose the first tab. 3. Follow the instructions on the left (1),  collect points and win the prizes on the right (2).

The most easiest tasks which one can complete daily in less than 10 minutes are:

  1. Login once A Day

  2. Spy Targets – Spy the Robber Baron of lowest level nearest to your Main castle using single spy with minimum accuracy thus using minimum coins and this task gets completed easily. you can repeat the espionage as many time as required with the same Robber Baron

  3. Spend Rubies Donate one ruby every day to your alliance

  4. Forge Equipment in your Alliances Smithy

  5. Forge Equipment in your Smithy

  6. Collect 10 resource donations from your Citizens

  7. Write a message in alliance chat

  8. Produce Tool

  9. Recruit Army

  10. Collect Taxes

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