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Game Updates (04 February 2015) – Automatic Attack Planning

Auto-attack planning

  • When planning your attacks, you can now automatically fill your slots with troops and tools.
  • This function is optional, you still also have the possibility to put your troops and tools in by hand.
  • If you use this function after spying on a target, the troops and tools selected will be chosen according to the opponents setup.
  • The autofill function will always select your strongest units and premium tools, but it can’t emulate more in depth player tactics
  • If desired, you can first select some troops and tools and let the system fill the rest.
  • You can set whether the automatic attack planning fills only the selected wave or all waves.
  • The proposed setup can always be adjusted manually by you.
  • This system will help lower level players learn how to fight properly, and save higher level players time when battling NPC castles

Alliance assistance in the Hospital

  • Similar to Recruitment, you can now ask your alliance to help in the treatment of your units.
  • You will need 5 people to help you and there is no cooldown.
  • If your help request is successful, the duration of treatment is reduced.

Further levels of the robber baron castles & more loot

  • The robber baron castles in the Great Empire can now level up even further.
  • This involves making them stronger and offering even more loot.
  • Legend level players can now loot significantly more iron at the higher levels.
  • The amount of coal, oil, glass and iron which can be looted from NPC castles has been increased for all kingdoms and level ranges.

Other improvements

  • During the Invasion of the Foreign Empire, Foreign castles in Protection Mode will not be presented as targets.

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