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Game update (9 March 2015) – Update: Low Level Research and more!

Research for Lower Level Players 
  • A further upgrade stage has been added to the Research Tower
  • All currently existing Research Towers will be upgraded by one level, keeping their tower in the same state as it was
  • At level 6, players will now gain a quest to build the Research Tower
  • With this new Level 1 research tower, a new Low Level Research tab will be accessible
  • The other Research tabs will be blocked until level 39
  • These new low level research options will provide static bonuses, as well as percentage bonuses
  • The new available research options are:
    • Recruitment Speed/Tool Production Speed in the Main Castle
    • Production of Wood/Stone/Food in the Main Castle
    • Loot Capacity increase
    • Faster Research
    • Increased population in the Main Castle
    • Tax Collection boosts (extra coins collected)
    • Market Barrow speed increase
    • More XP gain per battle
    • Increased Glory gain
    • Lower equipment forging costs

Daily Alliance Ranking

  • This new ranking table will show how much Glory each Alliance member has brought in every day
  • You can find this daily Glory gain ranking right next to the resource donation ranking
  • The ‘resources donated’ and ‘coins provided’ columns will be combined, with an arrow being added to switch between them
  • This ranking is internal, and only you and your Alliance members can see it

Faster Troop/Tools Placement

  • This feature will be available on the Attack, Defense, Stationing and Support screens
  • Clicking on a slot in the planning screen on these menus will open a new dialog that lists all available units and tools
  • Then you can simply select a unit/tool type and use the slider to select how many you wish to place in the slot
  • Premium Tools can also be purchased directly from this dialog
  • As usual, you can still drag and drop troops into the slots and type the number you’d like to use from this dialog
  • Overall it should save a lot of clicking time and make placing troops and tools more efficient


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