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Game update (5 June 2015) – Update: New rewards for the War of the Realms!

War of the Realms – Additions and changes

  • You can now win new rewards – a hero, an item set and a decoration specially designed for the War of the Realms event.
  • The existing reward ranks were adjusted to accommodate the new rewards
  • The castles of the foreign Empire can now properly simulate Hero and Gem bonuses more frequently than before.

Decoration inventory

  • If a new decoration comes into the inventory, there will be a notification on the building menu icon in the action panel.
  • If you click on it, there will be also a notification on the icon of the storage tab.

Other changes
  • The button for the resource trader will now be available in more places than before.
  • When searching for an open alliance, only active alliances will be shown.
  • For a random group of players, the Everwinter Glacier kingdom will be unlockable from level 18 (with rubies only), being introduced by a corresponding quest.


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