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Game update (30 March 2015) – Update: Time to be a Hero!


  • From now on, you can make your Commanders and Castellans real heroes!
  • Heroes change the appearance of your commanders and Castellans in battle reports, the travel overview and various other places
  • They have both positive and negative effects for your army. These include positives such as a larger loot capacity or faster return journeys, and negatives like increased travel costs and slower return journeys.
  • The effects of these heroes stack beyond those of your equipment
  • You can gain heroes during raids on robber barons and other NPC enemies, as well as through certain traders
  • Heroes can be assigned as equipment from the equipment menu. Likewise, you can put them back into your inventory at any time
  • As heroes act as equipment they follow the same rarity grading system: common, rare, epic, legendary and unique.
  • Heroes can not be created in the Smithy, but can be sold

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