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Game update (22 April 2015) – Update: Reworked Nomads

Nomad-Event revamped

  • The Nomad event will receive a little make-over to make it more appealing
  • The number of nomad camps will be limited to 3 or 4 camps
  • The travelling time to the nomad camps will also be shorter than it is now
  • If you beat a nomad camp, the camp will level up and there will be a short “attack again” cooldown which can be skipped. This cooldown time increases with the camp level
  • If the nomad camp reaches the max level there will be an “attack again” timer showing you when you can attack it again
  • The difficulty of these nomad camps will scale according to your level
  • There will be tools that increase the khan-tablet output of nomad camps which can be bought from the Nomad Hunter
  • There will be a new item set. Items from this set can be bought at the Nomad Trader and can be won in the Nobility Contests
  • There are new better units available from the Nomad Trader


Nomad-Event: Nobility Contest

  • In this event you will gain points for each khan tablet looted
  • The first rewards are granted when a certain amount of points have been gained
  • Rewards for the Top ‘X’ and Number 1 ranked player in the event will be distributed when the event ends


Combo Tools

  • Combo tools have two different positive effects
  • The effects are split into two and the second effect will always be a glory booster
  • You can only use these tools in PVP (player versus player) fights
  • There will be three different tools: the Tonnelon, Spiked Shield and the Wolf’s Howl.
  • These tools are only available through Prime Days


Wishing well

  • There will be a wishing well for rubies that you can see outside of your castle
  • This wishing well is a permanent building and starts off as a ruin that can be upgraded (the first upgrade stage only needs resources)
  • You need to invest a certain amount of rubies and a special consumable (that you can buy in Prime Days) in order to get more rubies back after a certain waiting time
  • The wishing well has 10 upgrade stages


Other changes

  • The maximum amount of offers displayed on the screen has been decreased to 3 at a time and you are able to click through the offer slots with arrows
  • The Gift Trader is now available to all players
  • The homescreen has a “Don’t show again” checkbox – if you check it, you won’t see the homescreen until the next update
  • In Point Events, the amount of points you need to reach for each reward category will be scaled according to the time the event is running

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