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Game update (21 May 2015) – Update: The Laboratories and New Colossus

New Center of Command: The Laboratory

  • Laboratories are a new type of landmark/center of power on the world map.
  • There is a preset number of laboratories that will appear on the map.
  • When an alliance controls a laboratory, every member of the alliance is given a production bonus to the special kingdom resource of the kingdom the laboratory is in.
  • You can donate wood and stone to increase the level of the laboratory.
  • All laboratories are reset once a month and moved to a new location on the world map
  • The alliance can control more than one laboratory but only the highest level laboratory bonus will apply.
  • If a laboratory is captured, it retains its level, but any resources donated towards the next upgrade level will be lost.

Coins for the Colossus
  • Instead of using resources, you may spend coins to build a Colossus in this alternate version of the event
  • Contributing coins increases a point score which determines the deco value and your position in the event rankings
  • The best deco values will be awarded to the top 3 ranked players
  • The Colossus deco of this event has 4 levels

Power points – rewards and additional display
  • Buildings, units and equipment grant power points that can be viewed in the ranking as you might already know
  • There is now a new popup that rewards you for reaching certain power point values (similar to the level up screen)
  • Power is also shown in your information dialogue (replacing honor) and is added to the display below the glory title

Auto-fill for crafting
  • The auto-fill function for crafting equipment and gems is now available
  • This function will set the lowest quality available items when you have not selected any yourself to be placed into the smithy
  • If you have pre-filled one or more slots, the others will be filled accordingly
  • The duration of the crafting animation has also been reduced

Spy warning and instant spy horses
  • You will now get a warning in the pre-attack screen if you have not yet spied on a target
  • The fastest horse option will now make an espionage happen nearly instantly

Other changes
  • Alliance support can be requested for buildings to shorten the building time (3 helpers are needed)
  • There will be an object outside your castle through which you can access the friend invite menu (not available for partner sites)
  • You can now get time skip consumables when you level up
  • There will be a quest in the lower levels that asks you to use a time skip consumable


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