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Game update (18 February 2015) – Update: Accelerating Acquisitions!

New ranking list

  • The Building Points ranking tab has been reworked and renamed to Might Points
  • In addition to buildings, this ranking will now include the players owned units and current equipment
  • This new ranking should then represent the player’s actual assets better

New Item: Accelerator

  • When defeating robber baron castles and towers in the other kingdoms, you can now find Accelerators
  • These accelerators are consumable items that can decrease various waiting times
  • There are different types of accelerators – they range from one minute to several hours
  • The higher the level of a defeated NPC, the more valuable the accelerator that can be found there
  • There is, for example, a 5-minute accelerator which can be applied to any building in order to shorten the construction time immediately by 5 minutes
  • You can use any many accelerators, provided you have enough in stock. Meaning you could completely finish a building using accelerators for example
  • In addition to the construction and upgrading of a building accelerators can be used to reduce the time of research, sending units and resources into the other kingdoms and the cooldown of robber baron castles.
  • The rest of the loot (wood, stone, food, rubies, gems, equipment) that can be found in defeated robber baron castles is not being altered.

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