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Game update (16 April 2015) – Update: Reworked Berimond Hospital

Reworked hospital for Berimond

  • The Hospital in Berimond will now work in the same way as the hospital from the regular Kingdoms
  • You can only switch to Hospitals in other camps that you own in Berimond, not to Hospitals of castles in other kingdoms
  • Likewise, you can’t switch from the Hospitals of other kingdoms to any Berimond Hospital
  • There is no alliance help button for the hospital in Berimond
  • If a camp with a hospital is successfully conquered or destroyed (Last man standing), the wounded soldiers there are deleted, including those in the queue
  • Troops dying while defending an occupied camp are still handled as follows: Wounded soldiers are transferred to the hospital in the camp that supplied their food before they died.


Battle Report details – Scrolling interface

  • We have added a scrolling interface to battle reports in order display all units properly
  • When having more than 15 different unit types (for example during a defense), they were previously not shown correctly
  • Now it is possible to display them so that you can browse through the list using scroll arrows at the side


“Fill all Storages”

  • This new package from the Resource Trader now fills the storages in all kingdoms, not just one
  • Such packages are available for wood, stone and food
  • These packages do not fill storages of the Storm Islands, your outposts, event camps or landmarks
  • It is available whenever a new kingdom is unlocked (except for unlocking the Storm Islands)


New achievement levels

  • You can now obtain more achievement levels for certain achievements
  • There will be more levels available for the following achievements:
    • resource production: wood
    • resource production: stone
    • resource production: food


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