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Game update (14 September 2015) – Update: New Glory Titles and Castle View

New Glory Titles
– You can now reach three more glory titles that go beyond the Steel-Hearted!

These titles are:
– The Resolute
– The Furious 
– The Fearless 
There will also be “Top X” titles that are given out to those of you who have already reached all the regular glory titles:
– Top 1 – The Invincible (as it already is ingame)
– Top 10 – The Feared
– Top 50 – The Remorseless
– Top 100 – The Proud
– These titles will be calculated after a certain period of time, and rewards will also be distributed
New Glory Tool  
– A new glory tool will be introduced, giving you 4% bonus glory after a successful attack
– It can be purchased through Prime Days or from the Armorer
– We will be increasing the glory gain from the horsetail banner to 5% bonus glory
New Castle View
– The new castle view will only affect the main castle in the Great Empire and will make it look more structured, giving you a better, more organised overview
– The temporary events will be placed on the lower left hand side of your screen
– The Wishing Well, Friend Invite statue and the Noble House will be placed on the lower right hand side
– On the upper left side you will see the resource fields and on the upper right side, the resource carts
Friend Invite – Unit and tool slots as rewards
– When one of your invited friends (it does not matter if you invited him/her in the past or after this update) purchases rubies for the first time, you’ll get a reward
– Rewards can include rubies or unit recruitment and tool production slots
– You can now receive permanent tool production and unit recruitment slots as rewards
Other changes
– When receiving minute skips through Prime Days, you will now have a larger capacity to store them, as they will overstack
In this update, some bugs have also been fixed.

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