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Game update (12 February 2015) – Bonus Resources and Glory Quests

Revision of Bonus Resources

  • There is no longer a time limit for the collection of resources from the trade carts outside your castle, meaning nothing is lost.
  • After collection however, you’ll still have to wait for another stack to be in the cart.

New Glory Quests

  • A new series of quests rewards collecting Glory points with units and other valuable prizes.


Other Changes

  • Lower level players will receive graphical changes to their castle as they progress through the game, showing their progress more frequently
  • Premium Mode in the King’s Market has been renamed to VIP mode. However, this does not alter its function.
  • In the quest book , the most valuable quest to you will be always be recommended. Whether you want to do this quest next is still entirely up to you, the recommendation is just an aid!
  • Legend skills will now be taken into account for attacks against Centers of Power, even if they’re owned by players below level 70.

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