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Game update (11 August 2015) – Update: Alliance – Coat of Arms

Alliance – Coat of Arms

  • You can now create an Alliance Coat of Arms and proudly bare your allegiance to the world!
  • How to get an Alliance Coat of Arms
    • Be in an alliance
    • Look for the “noble house“ – shown as a stone block – outside your castle (similar to the Wishing Well)
    • If the alliance fulfills the requirements (alliance level & amount of might points), the Noble House can be founded.
    • The Alliance leader needs to found the Noble House using resources, coins and rubies from the Alliance Funds
    • The Alliance leader can choose their Alliance Coat of Arms once for free
    • There are a lot more options for the Alliance Coat of Arms as compared to the regular player one! (up to three different colors, up to three different symbols, new layouts, new symbols)
  • The Alliance Coat of Arms is shown in the following places:
    • Alliance symbol replaces the vip level symbol of every player (only colors visible)
    • Player Info dialogue
    • Other alliance info dialogue
  • In the future, coming with a later update, the Alliance Coat of Arms will have upgradable levels.

More activity rewards for the Alliance version of War of Realms
  • There will now be activity rewards for the Alliance version of the War of the Realms event This will show various reward steps with a progress bar, similar to the one seen in the Alliance version of the Nomads event.
  • Rewards will range from currency (gold and rubies) to event troops and tools.

Other changes
  • When you are not yet in an alliance, the Alliance Tasks (2) in the daily activities will be hidden
  • There will be two new elite units (Veteran Flame Bearer & Veteran Composite Bowman) that can be purchased in Prime Days


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