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Game update (01 April 2015) – Update: New Event Tools

New tools for the Invasion of the Foreign Empire and Berimond

  • There will be new tools that are designed for the Invasion of the Foreign Empire and Berimond
  • These tools will only work in the events they were designed for and can be used in fights against other players (in Berimond) and NPCs
  • You will only be able to purchase them in Prime Days
  • The tool types are as follows:
    • Berimond: Ladder, glory banner, shield, ram, moat, bravery tool (a new Berimond exclusive tool that grants bonus points towards the event when used in combat)
    • Invasion of the Foreign Empire: Ladder, glory banner, shield, ram, moat



Shortened cooldown time for Alliance Repair Help

  • The cooldown duration will be cut down from 24 hours to only 6 hours



New Quest: Invite a friend

  • There will be a quest with the completion condition to refer a friend
  • This quest will be available in 3 different forms, for different level ranges
  • Be quick! When this quest appears, it will be on a timer, meaning it will disappear after a period of time if not completed



New Units, Tools and Buildings

  • Combat Bears and Lions are now available via a new Berimond construction, the Holding Pens
  • These units will only work in Berimond, and will either consume food, or troops, depending on their mood
  • Catapults have been introduced as an offensive tool
  • These Catapults will reduce the enemies wall strength by 100%, but will require Outhouses as ammunition
  • After the success of the Wheel of Fortune, the Jester has decided to branch out her operation into a new building, the Circus
  • Every day, players will have a chance to enter the Circus and pay 10,000 coins to receive a mystery prize
  • The prize could be troops, tools, food, VIP time, a castle-wide increase in public order, a huge decrease in public order for 24 hours (terrible performance, must try harder), or brand new units, Harlequins.
  • Harlequins are a 300 ranged and melee offensive unit that consume no food, but have a 65% chance to misdirect their attacks at your own army. Use them at your own risk!
  • Finally, a new building, the Gym (available at level 55) will give players access to the Bodybuilding unit.
  • This unit will consume double the food of most other units, and is exclusively available on the USA server.


New Event: Wrestlemania

  • ’nuff said


Other Changes

  • The Shady Character event is now permanent.
  • Due to some discussion over whether the naming was appropriate, Demon Horrors and Deathly Horrors have been renamed to Huggable Honeys and Happy Hamsters accordingly
  • Voice Chat has been enabled, with one channel for every server.
  • To go alongside with this, a cover of “Tribute” can now be sung instead of paying resource Tribute
  • Radio Empire is now live! Tune in to your favourite CM’s singing top class hits all day long
  • The Bi-Annual No Thornking Empire Roast will happen on a thursday this year, yummy.
  • The Alchemist and Barterer have been kidnapped by the Prince. Thoughts go out to their families.

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