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Game basics

Game tasks

The basic idea of the game is:

1. Τo collect resources.

2. To build buildings.

3. To create an army.

4. To fight against other players.

5. To accomplish missions given during the game.


Game map areas

The game map includes 4 areas:

1. The Great Empire, which is the initial area for starters.

2. Everwinter Glacier.

3. The Burning Sands.

4. Fire Peaks.

Areas 2, 3, 4  are locked and the player has to pay  resources, to grand access.


In addition, there are maps that appear only when the player has to accomplish additional missions.



The resources, used by player, are:

1. Wood (everywhere).

2. Stone (everywhere).

3. Food (everywhere).

4. Charcoal (only in Everwinter Glacier).

5. Olive oil (only in the Burning Sands).

6. Glass (only in the Fire Peaks).

7. Coins (everywhere)

8. Rubies (everywhere).


Experience Points

Building and fighting give to the player experience points, which are reruired to advandge level.

Every higher level, unlocks the ability to build new kind of buildings.


Honor and Glory Points

These points are earned by defeating enemies and give some advandages to the player, like cheaper prices for buying soldiers etc.

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