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Fair play rules

The following rules are not mandatory for players, but compliance with them should be accepted by all in order to preserve a high level of quality in the game.

1. Never attack burning castles. Give the target’s owner time to recover.

2. Never steal Outposts from another player, unless you know he has quit the game.

3. Never attack players, if they are more than 10 levels below your level.

4. For high level players: Never attack a castle if it doesnt have at least level 3 walls and towers and a moat.

5. Strong alliances with many members should never attack weak alliances with a limited number of members, e.g. It’s a shame for an alliance with 60 members to attack an alliance with 5 members, unless they are provoked first.

6Never try to imitate the asshole you hate. Be honest, be better, be a model of behavior.

23 comments to Fair play rules

  • angelica73

    No one, I repeat, no one  follow the fair play rules in my map  (Nordic)
    especially not point  3 and 5. I´m (lvl 52) hardly attacked every night by players at lvl 70
    from bigger allies, we cannot survive! Low level players leave the game.
    Can you please create those tournaments more  narrow, i.e for players at lvl 65-70 specific days, other days lower lvls as an example.

    • justastud

      Fair game rules are made by the alliances in cooperation with each other. If your server does not have fair game rules then I am sure there is lots less competition on your server cause more would quit before they start. If you want fair game rules then your server with the top alliances should have a global chat on skype and talk about it. Beggar and I are on us 2. Sometimes I think to make rules that ggstudio does not have is unfair but if we didn’t have these rules we woul have even less players on the map.

  • begar

    Theese rules are not official rules and not mandatory.

    I just wrote the rules, to avoid turning the game into a jungle.

    And i must repeat, that i am not related, in any way, with the game company, GGS. I am just a player, like you, so i can’t do changes in the game.

  • erickblucher

    It’s more common for the rule to be not to attack people below 10 levels of you, also the big alliances have a rule where level 50+ people are fair game for all levels, even level 70 players.

    Edit: You might want to include the rv theft rules.

  • hillelfrei

    Yes RV theft is illegal and if you take one that alliance declares war on you. The fair ways to get rvs are to:

    Find them  at the edge of the map

    Take them during a war

    You find somone that isnt in an allinace and ask permission to take it from your alliance leader, or a deputy or war marshall.

    Or someone in your alliance decides to be nice and gives you one.


  • Dirtnap

    I very strongly disagree with number 5. As long as they are a level hit, meaning around the same level it doesn’t matter how big the alliance is as long as it is a 1 on 1 hit. Granted if the smaller alliance that got hit wishes to retaliate they would have to deal with more support but that is the chance you take. And also if they do decide to retaliate then they shouldn’t get massed by the whole larger alliance.

  • steve costello

    Hi, Whatever people say or moan about this site, it is great and thank you for taking the time.
    Somebody complained to our alliance in UK1 about spying on a target in Great Empire during a war of foreign empires. He said it was not within fair play rules. I’ve not heard that one before; has anybody else?

    • begar

      Theese rules are not official rules and not mandatory.

      I just wrote the rules, to avoid turning the game into a jungle.

      In every server, major alliances should follow some basic rules. otherwise low level players will be disapointed and abandon the game.
      In my opinion, more players = more fun.

      • steve costello

        Yes I agree that the rules help but is there a rule about foreign empire war and not attacking or spying in the great empire at that time? Just trying to deal with a fuss in a fair way.

  • pavan47

    Yes I totally feel that without these rules this game will be horrible

  • Alex

    Except for rule 3 and 6, what you call fair play rules can be GGE players convention rules however they cannot be called fair play rules. Fair play rules follow moral and honor conduit which have little to do with these rules.

    Lets take a look:

    1. Never attack a burning castle. If a castle is burning is either because the player lost a battle defending the castle. Losing a battle defending the castle has mainly 3 reasons: a) the player didn’t pay enough attention to defenses – didn’t upgrade walls and gate, didn’t recruit and produce enough defenders and tools; b) didn’t setup adequate defenses on the walls; c) the alliance doesn’t pay enough attention to defense support. None of these reasons are reasons enough to not attack a burning castle. Otherwise it would be like a football team not scoring against another team because they just care to attack and don’t even have defenders or goal keeper.

    2. Never steal Outposts from another player. Same as point 1, only means it’s a player who didn’t pay any attention to defend the Outposts.

    3. Never attack a player more than 10 levels below your level. This is a valid fair play reason.

    4. For high level players, never attack a castle if it does not have at least level 3 walls, towers and moat. Same as point 1, only means it’s a player who didn’t pay any attention to defenses.

    5. Strong alliances with many members should never attack weak alliances with limited members. Only means the weak alliance doesn’t pay any attention to actively recruit more members.

    6. Never try to imitate an asshole. This is a valid fair play rule. Imitating an asshole is never a good idea in anything in life.

    Your set of rules are just a set of convenient rules in order to have more players playing the game and not be much bothered with competitiveness. However this is a game where people compete against each other and as any competition you should take advantage of other players weaknesses. Actually taking advantage of others weaknesses is key to be successful in any competition.

  • Alex

    Just one more thought…

    It’s part of human nature to always tend to establish too many rules restraining individuals activity, so remember these unspoken convention rules between players usually end up driving the good competitive players away. So one day you might end up with alot of new players, many of them inactive, but without any competition, which is really what makes this game interesting 🙂

  • luqmanhakim1249

    the rules are for notification only

  • watsupbro3

    the level is your level x 0.75= lowest level thaht you can atack with the fairplay rules not 10 levels lower..

    Example: (My level)x0.75=
    So if you are level 50… 50×0.75= 37.5 lowest level thaht you can attack..

  • Lady Jane 7

    I agree with the concept of fair play rules. What I have a problem with is newer players who just want to go out and attack everyone without looking at the alliance, or anything else. We had three wars declared on us in three days due to new members attacking castles from much more powerful alliances.

    I have had to boot a number of players because they simply will not follow the alliance rules. How do you suggest dealing with this?

  • Bel Figon

    regole in empire io dico il mio pensiero quando ero un liv 42 un giorno mi trovo un attakko di un legg 640 e gli scrivo ma perche scusami???
    risposta è un gioco e avevo truppe da smaltire…….
    ribatto ma se dovevi smaltire perche attakki me che sto a 600 o piu di distanza??
    risposta sua la sto ancora asp da allora.
    qui la maggior parte dei giocatori a pensiero mio è gente che nel reale non ha una sua definita posizione e percio si vendica e si sente superiore solo nel gioco….non aggiungo altro

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