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Traveling Knights

During the time that this tent appears in your main castle in the Great Empire, attack robber baron castles to complete pieces of a relic. The higher the level of the robber baron, the higher the chance of getting a piece.

There are 2 relics – one with 8 pieces and one with 11 pieces:

  1. People under a level 20 get a relic with 8 piece, with the reward being 10 belfry, 15 travelling knights, 15 travelling crossbowmen, 15 macemen and 15 crossbowmen.
  2. People above level 20 get the 11 piece relic. The 11 piece relic rewards you with 80 travelling knights and 80 travelling crossbowmen, 30 belfry and 10 heavy ram.

*You can complete the requirements for 2 achievements and earn 45 achievement points from this event:

1. Accolade (level 1) – “Help the Travelling Knights to complete their relic 1 time.” – 15 achievement points
2. Accolade (level 2) – “…..4 times.” – 30 achievement points

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