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The Wheel of Fortune

  • In this event you can use rubies to buy tickets to spin the wheel.
  • Each time the event is running, players will be given a free spin of the wheel. This “free spin” cannot be saved until the next time.
  • Any unused tickets that you purchased using rubies can be kept for future events.
  • The Wheel of Fortune has eight panels with great prizes. Prizes include tools, equipment, coins, rubies and lots more.
  • Among them are “Jackpot” panels. Stop on this to win the grand prize.
    • Three prizes will be selected and displayed as face-down cards, you can then choose one of the three cards to reveal the prize.
    • The current three jackpot prizes are always displayed.
    • Once you’ve won the jackpot, there are three new prizes that are offered in case you are lucky enough to stop there again.
  • If you spin the wheel of fortune enough times in an event you can increase the prize class. The prizes of jackpots will then be replaced by better ones.
  • Players will be able to see what prizes are available in the higher prize categories.
  • For players who want to spend more at the wheel of fortune, there is a professional mode.
    • Here you need to use ten times the tickets but get appropriate prizes that are ten times the value or the “normal” prizes.
    • In addition it also increases in the prize class ten times quicker.
    • In professional mode you can save clicks, and have a chance at exclusive jackpot prizes.

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