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The Underworld

As soon as the event starts, a large hole leading you into the depths will appear in front of your main castle. You will also receive a message in your inbox and an event icon leading you to the Underworld will appear. Just one click lets you discover more.


Event progress:

After you have negotiated the travel costs , you will descend into the underworld. Here you will find yourself at an expedition camp again, where you can transfer resources and troops from your main castle.

On the way to the sunken town, you will have to face some danger. Nasty fiends are just waiting to tear you limb from limb. The towers they live in must be defeated one after the other for you to move forward on the map.

But don’t forget about your soldiers’ morale , because it influences how strong your troops are. Decorations can really work wonders and prevent a rebellion in your camp. Once you have defeated a tower you can’t lose it again. You will immediately see the path to take from there to the next one.

Sometimes you will come up against obstacles that you can only repair/remove using certain resources. You will find these in nearby resource lairs, which can mostly be found around the towers. March there with your soldiers and collect what you need for this adventure.

More powerful opponents will be waiting for you, should you reach the last bastion, the cave castle. If you defeat them, all the treasures in the ruins shall be yours… or Marco de Luca’s. In any case, he will reward you greatly for them.

Event currency:

The greedy fiends have filled their pockets with riches, too. You will definitely be able to find some loot to take from them. That’s the main reason oh so fearless adventurer Marco de Luca has shown his interest. He’s sitting up here basking in the sunlight, while you’re down there slaving away. It will be worth it for you in the end, though. Marco de Luca is a very generous man who can provide you with equipment, tools, decorations and new units.

He can also convert runestones and rune gold for you to make being in the underworld a little easier. You will find him just next to the entrance to the underworld.

You will receive runestones  when you defeat opponents on normal mode, and rune gold  when you play the master level.

Normal mode and the master level:

There are two modes in this event, one normal and the other, the master level. These modes influence the strength of the opponents as well as the necessary repair costs for obstacles. In the master level, you can exchange the rune gold for very special treasures. When you slay the first boss for the first time, you can close the event. To do this, you can simply click on the “chest” icon. Finally, you will receive your well deserved reward. Your troops, resources and tools (not event tools) will automatically return to your main castle. You will no longer be able to enter this event in normal mode.

A message in your inbox will instead inform you about the master level. If you wish to enter the underworld again, you just have to pay the entrance cost and the event will start over. The expedition camp will be empty and you will have to start again from the beginning, fighting through until the final boss. Once you defeat him, you can close the event using the “chest” icon and collect your hard earned reward.

Event end:

The event ends when the master level is successfully completed or when the event time runs out. In both cases, the giant hole in front of your main castle will disappear in wonderous fashion.
The surviving soldiers will return to your main castle again, along with their gear, resources and tools. Don’t worry if you still have a few runestones or some rune gold left over. They’ll be kept for you until a new entrance to the underworld appears…

5 comments to The Underworld

  • VladShev

    Master level is almost imposible. Some players have spent hundereds of thousands of rubies on it and still haven’t beat it; so if you aren’t a ruby buyer, don’t even try it.

  • Pranav S

    Hi Sir
    can u please give one of the best formation for the underground attack?
    i am not getting a right formation to do that,i am losing a lot of soldiers
    so can u please help me by send the formation of underground attack?

    • PurpleNinja

      Pranav S- I’m a non ruby buyer and am currently one tower away from the Cave castle at the moment. I was able to get this far using very few resources and coins. I’ll try to sum up the tactic I used in a short post. first thing you want to do in the underworld event is to defeat the first three towers which are easy to beat. then start raiding level one resource lairs, build at least three storages and increasing your troop limit and your moral. you should keep doing this until you can hold 150 troops and your moral is at at least 150% troops strength. once you’ve done this you’re ready to start hitting towers. to defeat towers send over troops, 2/3 ranged 1/3 melee is good, ladders, about 100/150, and mantlets, 300 should be good. after your troops get there start hitting towers. the quests should replenish you’re troops as you’re hitting the towers so go crazy. make sure your food doesn’t run out that’s a big problem.

  • Pranav S

    k sir
    i will try it

  • PurpleNinja

    I just beat the cave castle here’s the battle report. I had to buy ruby tools for this attack because I ran out of regular tools.

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