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The Technicus

The Technicus will occasionally appear at your castle. He specializes in the improvement of the equipment. If you pay him enough coins, he will gradually improve all attributes of the equipment.

The higher the quality of the equipment the more often the item can be improved. A normal piece of equipment can be improved 3 times; a rare piece of equipment can be improved 8 times; you can improve an epic 12 times and a legendary 16 times. A unique item (found only in a special event called the “Blade Coast”) can be upgraded 20 times.

With each improvement on the same item, the cost will be higher. The first improvement costs 170 coins and the second costs 550 coins. The third costs 1100 coins.

With each improvement on the same item the chance that the improvement is successful decreases. The first improvement has a 100% chance of success, while the second has a success rate of 86%.

If the improvement was unsuccessful you will only lose the coins that you paid for it, the item will remain as it was before, and will not lose any improvement that had been achieved before.

By using rubies it is possible to increase the chance that the improvement is successful to 100%.

There are 0 achievements and therefore 0 achievement points available from this event.


1 comment to The Technicus

  • Odin1999

    What are the costs for each upgrade?
    And what are the % of succes for each opgrade?
    I would like to know ths so i can calculate the amount of coins needed in theorie to upgrade 1 red item to max.

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