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Shady Character

The Shady Character appears in your main castle in the Great Empire, and asks you to defeat the main castle of a certain player (based on your honour and level and theirs). The reward is 100 rubies and 5,000 coins. Once you complete one task, you gain another, and can gain infinite tasks until the character leaves.

You can complete 5 achievements and earn 105 points by completing this event:

1. Bounty Hunter (level 1) – “Perform the shady character’s task 1 time.” – 5 achievement points
2. Bounty Hunter (level 2) – “….9 times.” – 10 achievement points
3. Bounty Hunter (level 3) – “….15 times.” – 15 achievement points.
4. Bounty Hunter (level 4) – “….25 times.” – 25 achievement points.
5. Bounty Hunter (level 5) – “….50 times.” – 50 achievement points.

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