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Shadow Mercenary Camp

In this event, the player can buy special Shadow Troops and Tools, using rubies.

The shadow troops do not consume food, and when are used to attack against someone, the enemy will never know who the attacker was.

Types of Shadow Troops:

  • Shadow_Crossbowman
  • Shadow_Felon
  • Shadow_Mace
  • Shadow_Rogue
  • Shadow_Scoundrel
  • Shadow_Wretch

Types of Shadow Tools:

  • Shadow_Assault_Bridge
  • Shadow_Battering_Ram
  • Shadow_Bundles
  • Shadow_Ladder
  • Shadow_Mantlet
  • Shadow_Ram
  • Shadow_Shields
  • Shadow_Siege_Tower

From this tent, you can get 1 achievement and 20 achievement points:

Tough Measures – “Hire shadow mercenaries.” – 20 achievement points

NOTE: You can get this achievement by buying a single shadow tool.

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