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Marauders Camp

The marauders want resources off you in the Great Empire. If you give them these resources (from your main castle, not your outposts), you will get marauders, loot sacks and loot carts. These marauders are about average in attack strength (a bit stronger than two-handed swordsmen), but really excel at getting resources: they have a loot capacity of 70. This is more than triple the loot of a veteran crossbowmen, more than double a veteran maceman’s capacity and even 50% over what a kingsguard can get.

It is thought by most players that the cost of the event depends on your level. However, this has not been confirmed by any member of the Goodgame Studios staff or by a moderator.

This event is very expensive. Paying 288,000 resources (86,400 food and 100,800 each for wood and stone) gets you 216 marauders, 113 pyromaniacs, 72 loot sacks and 18 loot carts. This means that you pay 1.333K resources for each marauders. However, you do get an additional pyromaniac for every 2 marauders, a loot sack for every 3 marauders, and a loot cart for every 4 loot sacks (or every 12 marauders).

*By completing this event, you can get 2 achievements and 30 achievement points:

1. Big haul (level 1) – “Get the plunder for the marauders 1 time.” – 10 achievement points
1. Big haul (level 2) – “…..4 times.” – 20 achievement points

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