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Gift Peddler’s Wagon


  • The Gift Trader will only sell packages that can be given to other castle lords, meaning they can’t be used by the buyer
  • The packages contain resources and tools
  • If you have previously purchased rubies, you will be able to buy these gifts, however you can send them as a gift to any player.
  • These gifts can be sent via. the world map to another player. They are then unpacked immediately upon arrival.
  • The gifts you receive are unable to be sent on to another player
  • The resources in the package cannot be stored if your storage is at maximum capacity
  • When a castle lord receives a gift, he will be notified via. a message
  • There is a limit of 10 gifts, which you can save as a buyer. When you reach this limit, the current gifts must be given away before purchasing more
  • The sending of gifts is instant and requires no travel time

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