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Alchemist’s Pavilion

While the tent is at your castles in the Great Empire (including outposts), you can gain ingredients when defeating robber barons. These ingredients are used to make different potions which increase the attributes of a building by a certain amount for a certain time.

There are 4 ingredients used: nibush berries, yggdrasil root, brimstone and night leaf. You can gain multiple types of these ingredients from a single robber baron, and you can also receive more than one of the ingredient. When the tent leaves, you keep the unused ingredients you had, but you can only use them again when the alchemist comes back to your castle.

Each potion can be used on some buildings. Not every building can have a potion used on, however, a decent amount do. Only one potion can be used per building at a single potion – if I use Probioticum on farmhouse A, and then use Toxiconium on farmhouse A 3 hours later, I will only receive the bonus from Toxiconium, because the better potion overrides the other one.

The buildings that can have potions used on are:

  • Farmhouse
  • Stone quarry
  • Woodcutter
  • Dwelling
  • Marketplace
  • Barracks
  • Guardhouse
  • Siege workshop
  • Defense workshop

The potions are listed below in order of price and usefullness (from lowest to highest):

  • Probioticum
    This potion increases the effect of a building by 20% for 3 hours. It requires 15 nibush berries, 2 yggdrasil root and 1 brimstone.
  • Letifer XI
    This potion increases the effect of a building by 20% for 6 hours. It requires 20 nibush berries, 13 yggdrasil root and 5 brimstone. BTW, if anyone is wondering, “XI” means “11” in Roman numerals.
  • Venenum Vulnus
    This potion increases the effect of a building by 50% for 3 hours. It requires 15 yggdrasil root, 10 brimstone and 1 night leaf.
  • Toxiconium
    This potion increases the effect of a building by 100% for 8 hours. It requires 35 nibush leaf, 40 yggdrasil root and 3 night leaf.
  • Contaminium
    This potion increases the effect of a building by 150% for 6 hours. It requires 50 nibush leaf, 24 brimstone and 5 night leaf.

There are 5 achievements and 250 achievement points up for grabs in this event:

1. Contaminium – “Use the potion contaminium 5 times.” – 50 achievement points
2. Probioticum – “….prodioticum 100 times.” – 50 achievement points
3. Letifer XI – “….Letifer XI 80 times.” – 50 achievement points
4. Venenum Vulnus – “….Venenum Vulnus 60 times.” – 50 achievement points
5. Toxiconium – “….Toxiconium 20 times.” – 50 achievement points

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