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General info

Welcome to the Goodgame Empire Guide.

Goodgame Empire is a web game, played in browser, created by Good Game Studios (GGS).

It is a war game, which combines tactical, strategy and resource management skills.

According to GGS, millions of players play this game.


1. Any computer, with no special graphics card. For full experience, you need at least a double core CPU.

2. A modern Web browser: Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome.

3. Adobe Flash Player.


Anyone can play, completely free, but players who wish to spend real money, can buy tools and units, which give them advantages over the free players. There are many payment methods, like credit card, paypal, skrill etc.


GGS regularly updates the game and adds new missions and elements, to keep players interest alive.

Site Sources

All information included in this site is a combination of:

  • personal experience, obtained by playing the game
  • helpful advice from other players
  • posts from players in the official game forum
  • ideas and suggestions from site visitors


This site is not associated with Good Game Studios, in any way.


Any suggestion for improvement is welcome.


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