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Game update (12th December 2015) – Update: Ice Championship

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Game Update – 15th December 2015

Ice Championship –


Brawl with the Foreign Invaders and Nomads for a chance to win awesome winter-themed prizes!

As with the Halloween Nail-Biter event, you’ll gain points towards the contest for participating in various events that pop up over the […]

Game update (26November 2015) – Update: Relic Hunt [Contest]


Game Update – 26th November 2015

// Relic Hunt [CONTEST] – For Brave knights, adventurers, lords and ladies from across the lands!

The contest has started and will end on Monday the 30th of November at 11 AM CET.

The Travelling Knights are in town, and they need your help to […]

Game update (18 November 2015) – Update: New Login Bonus

New Daily Login Bonus

-The Daily Login bonus has been revamped!

-From this update onwards, all players will receive a fresh new login bonus

-The principle remains the same, log in on a daily basis to receive increasingly valuable rewards!


Power Points for Titles

– Titles will now also grant Power Points

-The higher […]

Game update (14 October 2015) – Update: Rise of the Samurai Invasion!

Samurai Invasion – General information The Samurai Invasion will be an event similar to the Nomad Invasion

Samurai camps (Enemy NPC camps) will spawn around your castle on the world map

When attacking these Samurai camps, you can collect event currency (Samurai Tokens), which you can later use in a mini game to obtain […]

Game update (14 September 2015) – Update: New Glory Titles and Castle View

New Glory Titles – You can now reach three more glory titles that go beyond the Steel-Hearted!

These titles are: – The Resolute – The Furious – The Fearless There will also be “Top X” titles that are given out to those of you who have already reached all the regular glory titles: – […]

Game update (09 September 2015) – Update: Berimond Returns!

General Berimond Changes

You can no longer lose or gain honor through fighting in Berimond. You will no longer lose your camp until last-man-standing mode has been activated. Camp conquering has been removed.

Starting Berimond

You can now choose one of 3 different camps that you want to use – with all of those camps […]

Game update (11 August 2015) – Update: Alliance – Coat of Arms

Alliance – Coat of Arms

You can now create an Alliance Coat of Arms and proudly bare your allegiance to the world! How to get an Alliance Coat of Arms Be in an alliance Look for the “noble house“ – shown as a stone block – outside your castle (similar to the Wishing […]

Game update (16 July 2015) – Update: 250 More Legend Levels!

More Legend levels

There are now 250 more Legend Levels available. There will be no more upgrades for the Hall of Legends with these additional levels.


You can now get Demon Horror veterans and Deathly horror veterans in prime days. The unique equipment for the top X reward in the […]

Game update (30 June 2015) – Update: Alliance Nomads Point Event

Alliance Point-Event for the Nomad Invasion

You can collect points together with your Alliance members to get rewards in this point event. A new tab was added to the Nomad Invasion to display the alliance points event (as with the War of the Realms Alliance Event) There is still a version of the […]

Game update (5 June 2015) – Update: New rewards for the War of the Realms!

War of the Realms – Additions and changes

You can now win new rewards – a hero, an item set and a decoration specially designed for the War of the Realms event. The existing reward ranks were adjusted to accommodate the new rewards The castles of the foreign Empire can now properly simulate […]