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Produces food. There are 10 levels.

Unlocks at level 9 (79 stone and 236 wood)

Unlocks at level 14 (426 stone and 791 wood)

Unlocks at level 18 (838 stone and 1256 wood)

Unlocks at level 22 (2362 stone and 2362 wood)

Unlocks at level 27 (2630 stone and 2630 wood)

Unlocks at level 31 (4028 stone and 3295 wood)

Unlocks at level 35 (5965 stone and 3977 wood)

Unlocks at level 40 (9990 stone and 5379 wood)

2 comments to Farmhouse

  • parchedarthur

    Looking for insight into how best to use decorative items vs actual buildings they are providing bonus for

    Example I have farmhouses down to 10% effective workload, would I be better off changing the 10% and 13% farmhouse for 1 extra castle decorative parkland?

  • roadtripbob

    The amounts for stone and wood needed to update the farmhouses are not correct, for example, to upgrade a farmhouse from L4 to L5, I need W=1194/ S=797. According to the above chart, I would need W=791/ S=426.

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