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Game update (30 March 2015) – Update: Time to be a Hero!

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From now on, you can make your Commanders and Castellans real heroes! Heroes change the appearance of your commanders and Castellans in battle reports, the travel overview and various other places They have both positive and negative effects for your army. These include positives such as […]

Game update (25 March 2015) – Update: The Monarch’s Path

The monarch´s path

On the monarch´s path you can now see your level progression There you can also see information on content that you’ve unlocked already, or what awaits you in further levels The monarch´s path can be found on the right hand side of the Quest Guide where the Chapter Summary previously […]

Game update (9 March 2015) – Update: Low Level Research and more!

Research for Lower Level Players A further upgrade stage has been added to the Research Tower All currently existing Research Towers will be upgraded by one level, keeping their tower in the same state as it was At level 6, players will now gain a quest to build the Research Tower With this new […]