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Game update (18 February 2015) – Update: Accelerating Acquisitions!

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New ranking list

The Building Points ranking tab has been reworked and renamed to Might Points In addition to buildings, this ranking will now include the players owned units and current equipment This new ranking should then represent the player’s actual assets better

New Item: […]

Game update (12 February 2015) – Bonus Resources and Glory Quests

Revision of Bonus Resources

There is no longer a time limit for the collection of resources from the trade carts outside your castle, meaning nothing is lost. After collection however, you’ll still have to wait for another stack to be in the cart.

New Glory Quests

A new series of quests […]

Game Updates (04 February 2015) – Automatic Attack Planning

Auto-attack planning

When planning your attacks, you can now automatically fill your slots with troops and tools. This function is optional, you still also have the possibility to put your troops and tools in by hand. If you use this function after spying on a target, the troops and tools selected will be […]